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Neomechanica is a series of micro-collections about cyberpunk and set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.

Each micro-collection tell a story of all those cyberpunks who live their lives in an extended reality that's not fully real but not even completely digital.

// About the project

This is a 1/1 collection, all the illustrations are designed on Procreate and minted using Ethereum and Polygon. Spending time trying to understand how to improve human-machine interaction, makes me think about our new present and this close future idea of us.

Neomechanica is divided into different chapters and each of them is represented by a short tale and a visual representation.
These are all unique pieces, influenced by my vision of the future and the way how society embraces innovation.

Take and give

supporting ld and adhd organisations

This project is also about supporting earning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in fact, for every 0.5 ETH accumulated, I will donate 10% to the Eye to Eye organisation. They work in public and charter schools across the country, providing near-peer mentoring, professional learning for educators, and student-led clubs, working with middle, high school, and college students as well as the educators who support them.

giving back to the collectors

This project is not only about art but also about the appreciation for those supporting me. That's why collectors will be able to earn from different pieces in the collection while the project grows.
The top weekly collector's wallet will be included for the split earning in the following NFT mint. So, this means that every time the NFT is sold this person will be able to earn from passive income on the secondary market without owning that NFT. The default percentage can be different based on the value or rarity of the NFT.


The overall idea with this project is to support not only charities organisation or collectors but also to support other NFT artists. In fact, outiside the costs for this project, the rest of the founds will be used to support other NFT artists.

// Alice _ MetaD

It was a series of conceptual data, an abstract interweaving of numbers and letters. People are living in the cloud, keeping their life backing up hours by hours. Are these persons even real?

Living our lives looking out the windows of a browser, between a checkout page and a social media post, while a series of micro segments of our identity takes shape somewhere. Can you see me?

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// Collection

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